The existing ADFA “fund of funds” model has been expanded to include making commitments for risk capital investments to Arkansas based seed and angel capital funds. A portion of the SSBCI allocation has been set aside to assist with the fund raising activities in support of the establishment of new seed and angel capital funds. These funds are being encouraged to develop to accelerate growth and the support of Arkansas companies and the entrepreneurs that drive them. Over time, we wish to see an increase in the number of funds, but more importantly, we want to see growth in the numbers of successful business people participating in these funds. We are looking to build this industry by matching the investments of individuals, individuals willing to bring not only their capital but also their previous business experience and advice which will be focused on building, growing and mentoring young companies. This form of economic development is long-term. One of the keys to success will be the ability of these individuals to be able to work together. We plan to identify education and training opportunities to help grow the investment talents of new investors and facilitate a networking of funds in Arkansas.

Many organizations are engaged in building a strong entrepreneurial environment within the state of Arkansas.

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