For many Arkansans, the largest obstacle to homeownership is saving for down payment and closing costs. In fact, this is a problem all too common among low to moderate income Arkansans who have little of their pay check left after paying for rent, utilities, transportation, insurance and groceries. To help, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) initiated the Downpayment Assistance (DPA) Program.

ADFA has DPA for qualifying applicants of a first mortgage.  The DPA ranges from $1,000 to $6,000 for closing cost assistance.  Cash back to the borrowers is allowed for expenses "paid outside of closing" (POC).  The are funds designated as being paid up front by the borrower and reflected as such on the HUD-1 Settlement statement.  

 TERMS:                      10 YEAR AMORTIZATION

ADFA requires the borrower to attend a Home Buyers Counseling Program where a certificate will be issued on their behalf.

Click Here for a list of Homebuyer Counseling Agencies

Both the first and second mortgages will be sold to the master servicer, who currently is U.S. Bank.  The second mortgage is not subject to Recapture, and there is no prepayment penalty.

Our Single Family Staff is listed below, please do not hesitate to call with any questions may have.

Barbara Whittaker - 501-682-5930

Dean Norman - 501-682-5935

Denise Wells - 501-682-5466

Joey Walsh - 501-682-5918

Murray Harding, Single Family Housing Manager - 501-682-5974

Downpayment Assistance Program Overview

  • Type of Loan  - Second Mortgage
  • Purpose of Loan – cover downpayment, closing costs and prepaids.
  • Loan Amount Maximum -  $ 1,000 to $ 6,000.
  • Interest Rate  -  4.00% (subject to change without notice)
  • Loan Term – 10 years
  • Homebuyer counseling class (8 hours) is required prior to closing.
  • Cash back to borrowers at closing to cover loan expenses paid up front.