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Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program 

Income Limits

Legal Authority

  • Section 42, Internal Revenue Code (IRC)

Interpretive Resources For Understanding Low Income Housing Tax Credits:

HOME Program

HOME Program Resources:

HOME Income and Rent Limits

 HOME Homeowner Rehabilitation and Homebuyer Program Annual Certifications

Neighborhod Stabilization Program (NSP)

NSP Income Limits    

2017 NSP income limits for Arkansas (Effective April, 2017) 



WCMS, (WEB Compliance Management System)

WCMS is the software program for tenant data submission to ADFA. 

Effective January 15, 2018, WCMS will not be accessible.   Monthly Tenant Data Reporting will not be required.  ADFA will be changing the software program for Tenant Data Reporting.  

ADFA will announce upcoming training for the new software program and instructions and guidelines for tenant data submission.   

Please note the following important time frames: 

  • Tenant data for fiscal year 2017 (January 1 – December, 2017) must be updated and current in WCMS prior to January 15, 2018.
  • The new software will allow tenant data to be uploaded instead of individually entering each tenant into the software.    In order for this to work successfully it will be necessary to compare your building and unit numbers with the numbers currently in WCMS.    Building numbers and unit numbers must match.   Please provide ADFA with any corrections that will need to be updated to ensure tenant data can be successfully uploaded into the new software.  

If you should have any questions please contact Jeanne Johnson at 501-682-5936 or

ADFA Forms (project management forms and reporting forms)  

Please note:  ADFA forms are generic forms.  They will require your COMPANY LOGO & FAIR HOUSING LOGO placed on the forms as applicable.  

Asset Forms

Income Forms

Tenant Affidavit Forms

Leasing staff should not fill out tenant affidavit forms!

Student Forms

Management Forms

 Management or General Project Change Request Forms

 Annual Certification Forms

Low Income Housing Tax Credit



Lease Addendum Forms


Temporary Emergency Housing Relief 

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