Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program 

Legal Authority

  • Section 42, Internal Revenue Code (IRC)

Interpretive Resources For Understanding Low Income Housing Tax Credits:

HOME Program

HOME Program Resources:

HOME Income and Rent Limits

 HOME Homeowner Rehabilitation and Homebuyer Program Annual Certifications

Neighborhod Stabilization Program (NSP)

NSP Income Limits    


All tenant data must be submitted via ADFA’s web-based computer program. "WCMS"

  • Training Classes Are Available" &  "WCMS Step By Step Instruction Booklet is Available"
  • New or changed tenant data must be entered by the 15th of the following month.

To register for training classes and/or obtain an instruction booklet, please email Monica Smith .  Instruction booklets can only be emailed at this time

ADFA Forms (project management forms and reporting forms)

Asset Forms

Income Forms

Tenant Affidavit Forms

Leasing staff should not fill out tenant affidavit forms!

Student Forms

Management Forms

 Management Change Request Forms

  • Management Previous Participation ($500  change fee is required and all required documents listed in this form must be provided with this request)
  • Schedule A (to accompany Management Previous Participation)
     Low Income Housing Tax Credits Only - Please note ADFA must approve all project changes prior to the change being made by the owner.  If a change has been implemented prior to ADFA's approval the change fee will be $1000 unless there has been an emergency circumstance beyond the owners control.

 Annual Certification Forms

Low Income Housing Tax Credit


Lease Addendum Forms

Temporary Emergency Housing Relief 

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