SSBCI Qualified

Access to institutional venture capital co-investments

 A portion of the SSBCI allocation has been set aside to provide direct co-investments in Arkansas companies that have received commitments for venture capital investment from qualified venture capital entities and from individual angel investors. Arkansas has been providing access to venture capitalists operating in Arkansas since 2003 through the Arkansas Institutional Fund (AIF), a “fund of funds” investment model. The source of money for these AIF investments has been borrowed capital from banks. With the advent of the SSBCI funding, ADFA now has an ability to support Arkansas businesses directly with venture capital investments without having to borrow the money. As with the AIF, the ADFA Co-Investment Fund will participate with venture capital and individual angel investors funds in building and growing companies and in providing a positive return on investment.

Co-Investment Fund Application - Fillable

 Contact:  Brad Henry, Vice President of Development Finance - 501-682-5901

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